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To provide students with the most nurturing learning experience possible.


One day, every student who wants to learn Chinese will find the language appealing and the learning process enjoyable.


Professional Teachers 

Build a solid foundation of listening, speaking, reading, and writing

Tailored Curriculum

Ensure efficient learning with up-to-date materials

Small Classes

Provide personal attention to each student

Our Leaders


Shan Li, Ph.D. in Chinese linguistics from East China Normal University. She has more than ten years' experience of teaching Chinese as a second language. Her students are from two years old to sixty years old. Implementing Reggio Emilia approach, Shan's teaching is student-centered, encouraging, and explores students' capacity. Shan is good at giving speech, hand-crafting, drawing, calligraphy, and singing. She combines all these elements with update-to-date materials for effective teaching during her class. Shan handpicks and integrates her teaching materials from 马立平中文教材、《暨南中文》and other popular textbooks. She believes each textbook has its positives and negatives, which directly determine the learning outcomes.


Ting Li, Ph.D. in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language from East China Normal University. Ting teaches at the International School of Tongji University and serves as an advisor for graduate students pursuing a masters' degree. She participates in many national and international projects for teaching Chinese as a foreign language including compiling and proofing of EU Language Learning Project. Served as the advisor of LittlePalm's teaching team, she provides her insights into the compiling of LittlePalm's proprietary course materials, leads teacher's training, and lectures in LittlePalm's seminar.


Wei Huang, BS in Media Studies from China Communication University. She loves working with young kids, especially exploring the fields of Chinese and Music with her students. Wei's music talents make Chinese learning much more fun and easier. She inspires her students and cultivates the confidence in Chinese speaking environment. During her class, she likes to engage not just reading, speaking, and writing but also Chinese culture through various multimedia projects. She is looking forward to students' enthusiasm in her class.


Yilin Yuan, BS, MBA. Engaged in children's education for nearly 10 years, Yilin's class is deeply loved by parents and students. During her career, she has served as the teaching director of Chinese educational institutions, the principal speaker of the Parenting Association, the lead of ability assessment, and the journalist in a local newspaper. In her class, she emphasizes the interaction between teachers and students, using various and interesting teaching methods to stimulate the interest of Chinese learning. She adapts her teaching according to each student's background for better learning outcomes. The purpose of Yilin's class is to not only improve students' Chinese but also help kids be more confident and know themselves better. 

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