LITTLE PALM Chinese Academy

Little Palm was founded by moms out of love for our children. We aim to create an empowering learning environment where our children can flourish.

Little Palm Chinese Academy is located in Silicon Valley, California. We have a professional knowledge of Chinese linguistics and years’ experience teaching Chinese as a second language. From the many available teaching methods and ideologies, we feel called to provide an inspiring learning experience and effective teaching approach for our students. We are student-centered. With a tailored curriculum, up-to-date material, and small class teaching, we provide a premium learning platform for every one of our students.

Our team believes in the importance of personalized learning. We adapt our teaching strategies to suit each student's individual background and cultivate intrinsic motivation in our students. We believe learning a language should be enjoyable and emphasize happy learning.

To maintain our competitive advantage, our teachers discuss and collaborate on teaching outcomes in weekly internal meetings and attend external trainings regularly. Our ultimate goal is to establish a mutual learning community that empowers our students to freely explore each of the five “C” standards ---- Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities.

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Our Class

Little Palm provides the demand-based teaching of Chinese as a second language across the spectrum of Chinese linguistics. We teach based on our professional Chinese background aiming for more effective and efficient learning. At this challenging time, we offer online classes combing offline activities. We expect to extend to both online and offline classes at a later time. 

Chinese Foundation L1 - L4

Prior Chinese exposure, age 6+

L1: Build the foundation for Chinese characters and the sense of the Chinese language

L2: Build the understanding and interest of Chinese language and culture

L3: Study Pinyin with Chinese songs, stories, poems, and rhythm and rhyme

L4: Read, think and express in Chinese

Reading and Writing Proficiency

Pass evaluation, age 10+

Increase vocabulary, consolidate grammars, and build thinking in Chinese through the study of handpicked literature masterpieces; This course also aims to improve the writing proficiency for SAT subject test and AP exam. 

Pre-AP Chinese L1 - L4

Pass evaluation, age 10+

Learn Chinese systematically towards Chinese proficiency. Designed for AP exam, pre-AP Chinese L1-L4 prepare listening, speaking, reading and writing across four progressive levels.

AP Preparation Class

Pass evaluation, age 12+

Based on classic AP textbook "Harvest: Intermediate Chinese" and concurrent online materials, this course prepares students with integrated learning and training for AP exam. 

AP Intensive Class

AP exam expected , age 12+

Short term intensive practice; Get familiar with AP exam and improve through practice and feedback; This course concludes with a mock AP exam. 


​Little Palm offers free online classes and seminars. Please keep updated with us through WeChat or Telegram below. Thank you. 



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